JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT (incorporating Rescue Work in Circle) by IRIS WRIGHT. After a bereavement, have you ever worried that your loved one has not arrived safely in the next world? Are they perhaps still wandering around in a fog not knowing what to do? Well, this is where Spiritualist Rescue Circles can be of help to these poor souls. The purpose of these circles is to help and guide lost souls into the light and onto the next world. This book is about the experiences of Iris Wright and her husband Bill when they started a Rescue Circle. The stories told to them by the souls who had found their way into the light of the circle were all taped. You can read the actual conversations that took place, how they were reunited with family members (one soul was even met by his dog!) and led from the circle into the light and into the next world.This is a fascinating book which is also very easy to read. Book Reviewer: Ada Mckay Price £9.99 (inclusive of Post and Packing) direct from:- Mrs Iris Wright Rainbows End, 5 Harbour Hill Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 3PX.